Sarah Devonald
Co-founder & creative director

Sarah has been making programmes for BBC radio for three decades, having learned her trade first as a studio manager - obsessing over the perfect microphone balance, getting tangled in miles of ¼ inch tape and rattling teacups in dramas. Then as an in-house producer and senior producer for Radio 3 she produced most programmes on the station, from BBC Proms to Composer of the Week, In Tune and Breakfast. She won a Sony Award for her production of Mixing It and has produced several music and speech series for BBC Radio 4.

For independent production companies Sarah was the co-creator and first producer of Private Passions for Radio 3 (winning the Broadcasting Press Guild’s Programme of the Year award). She produced the celebrity music quiz Full Score before co-creating and producing CD Masters, Classical Collection and then Essential Classics, which achieved record listening figures while she was the show’s executive producer.

In October 2016 Sarah executive-produced the groundbreaking 12 hour marathon River of Music for Radio 3. She regularly produces studio sessions with the BBC Philharmonic in Salford, and produced the soundtrack to the BAFTA award-winning BBC film 10 Pieces II. As a writer and broadcaster, Sarah often contributes to Radio 3’s Record Review.

Somehow she also finds time to play the oboe in the group Harmoniemusik; has an HND in jewellery design and manufacture, and cycles whenever she can.


01296 910150