Inside Music

Tandem has launched a brand new programme on BBC Radio 3 - Inside Music - every Saturday at 1pm

It’s a show designed to allow listeners to appreciate music with new ears, guided by musicians who open it up from the inside. Each week, a different presenter chooses a colourful selection of music spanning a range of style, tone and texture, with introductions that give a clear, personal focus on the music itself - Why does it sound like that? What’s it like to perform? How did the composer create that effect?

The presenters are all musicians who are not only dedicated to performing music, but are also excited about spreading the word about it. Recent evangelists include pianist Paul Lewis, bassoonist Amy Harman, conductors Douglas Boyd and Sofi Jeannin and guitarist Sean Shibe.

Rothamsted Research at 175

Rothamsted Research celebrated its 175th birthday in 2018 and Tandem made a series of 12 videos showing the breadth of exciting research that goes on in Rothamsted’s centres in Hertfordshire and Devon. The Future Farming films cover subjects from how lasers can be used to tell the difference between pests and useful insects, and the many ways that willow can help us, to growing crops that will be healthier for humans, and the art of making Omega-3 fish oil from plants. 12 scientists lead us through their research, and their words are highlighted with elegant graphics and 3D animations that look forward to a new type of future for both farmers and consumers.

BBC Philharmonic

Sarah regularly produces concert recordings and sessions with the BBC Philharmonic for broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Works by a wide range of composers including Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, James Macmillan, Olivier Messiaen, Joseph Marx, Alban Berg, Gerald Barry, Bernard Rands, Nicola Lefanu and Magnus Lindberg.

Artists Sarah has worked with include Alison Balsom, Nicola Bennedetti, Alpesh Chauhan, Claire Booth, Simone Young and Nicolas Hodges.


Tandem is engaged to work with ABRSM on a six month global campaign called Because of Music

The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the positive impact that music has on people’s lives. Tandem is overseeing the production of content ranging from graphic design, audio idents and animations, to audio stories and animated graphics. We're delivering content for use across all the main ABRSM social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.





BBC Proms

For BBC Proms 2017, Tandem produced two features for BBC Radio 3 The first was broadcast in July as part of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe Prom and the second in a Prom featuring the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra

For the first feature we posed the question “How do you start a world-class orchestra?”

Review in the Spectator

David Owen Norris then explored a 200 year old music sample and discovered how the ‘Dresden Amen’ has intrigued composers for centuries. And we gave the sample a fresh twist by commissioning a new track from Danish electronic music producer Bwoy de Bhajan.

World Whisky Day

As part of World Whisky Day 2017, founder Blair Bowman came up with the slightly bonkers idea of visiting 60 Scottish whisky distilleries in 24 hours, all in aid of Just a Drop , a charity delivering clean water, globally.

We created a short and playful animation to help raise money for this excellent cause. It achieved great success online, enjoying high levels of engagement across a number of key social media platforms. And it helped the campaign to raise nearly £11,000 for Just a Drop .




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