From flagship radio shows to 3D animations, from films to podcasts, we create content that makes you think.


Inside Music

Tandem produces Inside Music for BBC Radio 3 every Saturday afternoon. It’s a show designed to allow listeners to appreciate music with new ears, guided by musicians who open it up from the inside. Presenters include multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier, composer Hannah Kendall, cellist Natalie Clein, pianist Víkingur Ólafsson, horn player Katy Woolley, and oud player Joseph Tawadros.

Midlands High Intensity Service: Veterans' Mental Health

We were commissioned to make an animation highlighting the launch of an important new NHS service offering mental health support to armed forces’ veterans and their families. Our short film serves as a powerful internal communication tool as well as an informative and engaging piece of client-facing content.

LPO Offstage

A fusion of musical insights and backstage gossip, LPO Offstage is a podcast series offering a behind the scenes all access pass to the London Philharmonic Orchestra and its musicians. Presented by the saxophonist, broadcaster and music educator YolanDa Brown, it’s a chance to really get to know how a world class orchestra ticks. Catch it on your favourite podcast platform.

Sunday Morning with Sarah Walker

Tandem now produces Radio 3’s live Sunday Morning show from 9am – 12. Every week Sarah Walker presents a programme of attractive and uplifting music, and on the first Sunday of the month welcomes a guest to the studio for a UK-wide arts roundup.

World Without Humans

What would happen to our world if humans suddenly disappeared? Tandem made a short film for BBC Ideas exploring this thought and since its release it has enjoyed huge engagement on social platforms with well over 5 million views to date.

In the studio

An audio snapshot of creativity under pressure. Cellist Matthew Barley connects with film composers Eimear Noone and Craig Garfinkle as they race to finish a soundtrack during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic while isolated in the west of Ireland with no studio, no musicians and two young children.


Multi-award winning Icelandic pianist Víkingur Ólafsson presented a series for BBC Radio 3 which explored the art of musical transcription. From electronic re-workings of Bach and Debussy to rock 'n’ roll Tchaikovsky and transcribed sounds of the natural world, Víkingur covered a huge range of amazingly creative music.

Extraordinary voices with Nora Fischer

Singer Nora Fischer presented a BBC radio series celebrating the huge variety of sounds the human larynx is capable of producing. Nora put together three fabulously diverse playlists of tracks from around the world and across the centuries, and reflected on them in her own unique way.

BBC Bitesize and BBC Ideas

BBC Ideas and BBC Bitesize commissioned Tandem to create two entertaining and quirky 3D animated films for 16 - 25 year olds, containing tips people can use in their daily lives, backed up by scientific research: How to feel more in control of your time and How to do less but get more done.

Everybody likes music, don't they?

Some people seem completely impervious to music and others are scarred by what it has done to them. Our multi-faceted documentary reveals previously untold stories from people who have a difficult relationship with music, with Gareth Malone and Professor Sophie Scott musing on the many ways the brain reacts to what it hears.

Rothamsted Research at 175

Tandem made a series of 12 short films showing the breadth of exciting research that goes on in Rothamsted Research centres in Hertfordshire and Devon. Each film is illustrated with bespoke graphics and 3D animations.


Tandem worked with ABRSM on a six month global campaign called Because of Music. Tandem oversaw the production of content ranging from animations, podcasts and animated graphics, all optimised for use on their digital channels and culminating in hundreds of thousands of views, likes and shares.


Award-winning guitarist Sean Shibe is a musician who’s changing the way people listen to the guitar. In this six part series for BBC Radio 3, Sean revealed the secrets of his world, exploring the rich sounds of the guitar and its relatives in music from seven centuries.


Meet sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor whose underwater art breathes new life into the ocean. Miranda Krestovnikoff puts on her diving suit and invites Jason to guide her through his studios, both under the ocean and on land.


Top endurance cyclist Lee Craigie travelled to Denmark to meet cutting edge bicycle designers Paul Harder Cohen and Mette Walsted, who are taking a very different approach and crafting bikes from a material that’s been around for millions of years: wood.

BBC philharmonic

Sarah regularly produces concert recordings and sessions with the BBC Philharmonic for broadcast on the BBC. A recent project involved her producing a new piece especially composed by young composer Alex Woolf as the soundtrack for Laurence Grissell’s dramatic M1 Symphony.

Percussion Century

Colin Currie hand-picked some of the greatest percussion music of the past 100 years for a ground-breaking three part series for BBC Radio 3. From timpani to timbales, crotales to cow bells, Colin conjured up a spectacular range of beautiful, surprising and unexpected aural delights.

BBC Proms

We worked with pianist David Owen Norris and Danish dance music producer Bwoy de Bhajan to create a very different kind of Proms interval feature for BBC Radio 3. We traced the history of the Dresden Amen and then remixed it as a dance track for today.

In the studio

Meet golf course designer and storyteller David McLay-Kidd as he takes us through his creative process. It soon becomes clear that the relationship between golf course design and the natural environment is more complex and symbiotic than one might have ever imagined.