How we do it


Creative Development

Case study:

We worked with pianist David Owen Norris and Danish dance music producer Bwoy de Bajan to create a very different kind of Proms interval feature for BBC Radio 3. The theme was a chord sequence invented many years ago and borrowed by countless composers over the centuries - just like a music producer now uses samples. So we traced the history of the Dresden Amen and then remixed it as a dance track for today. Listen here

Content Production

Case study:

We’ve always made programmes for BBC Radio 3, but with Inside Music, we decided to try a new approach to presentation on the station. Leading musicians present the show each week - introducing a wide variety of music, from classical to contemporary, in a relaxed, unscripted way that reveals all sorts of fascinating insights. Why does that music have that emotional effect on you? What’s going on in a performer’s head when they play a certain piece?


Case study:

For Rothamsted Research’s 175th birthday we made 12 films showcasing the work of 12 of their scientists. Producing Omega-3 fish oil from plants, the power of willow and teaching computers to tell crop pests from crop friends were just some of the subjects explored. Post-production involved making 28 animations illustrating Future Farming scenarios, detailed editing of interviews and images for clarity of message and mixing of specially commissioned music and graphics for a polished and distinctive result. Watch here

Digital Strategy

Case Study:

The music exam board ABRSM commissioned us to make a series of animations, animated graphics, and podcasts for its Because of Music campaign. We worked closely with them to produce a colourful and very different kind of social media message. The posts, aimed at students, teachers and parents, highlighted the many and varied benefits that taking part in music brings to everyone involved.




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